Kelly Brook Tired of Kissing

Kiss might be one of the most delightful things you can give and gain. Imagine that your partner is the sexy doll Kelly Brook...

Yep, you'are not the one who would do kiss Kelly Brook everytime you have a chance in front of your very eyes. Who wouldn't?

Unfortunately, Kelly Brook recently admits that she is tired of kissing!'s a fan-kiss to be exact.

She said: "I keep getting people coming up to me, sneaking in for a kiss. They'll just dive right in. Before you know it, they're in there. It's so quick and then it's over."

Referring to the statement, I only find two reasons why Kelly Brook hates a fan-kiss. First, because it is a sneaking kiss. Second, it is so quick.

So, do you wanna see Kelly Brook enjoy your fan-kiss?

Just make a straightforward and long lasting kiss... miss Brook will love it.

Source: monstersandcritics