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Thursday, August 24

wow, I can't believe it!

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First of all, I'd like to congratulate sexy Kelly Brook as the star has recently been voted the best of the decade in a poll of La Senza shoppers. La Senza has asked 2,500 ladies who they thought had the ideal figure during each of the past six decades and Brook came out as the winner.

Well, in this case I agree with La Senza because nothing is better than enjoying Kelly's body and yes it is really sexy and hot.

Monday, August 7

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Kelly Brook's parents have denied rumours that her relationship with Billy Zane is hitting the rock.

Kelly's mother, Sandra, told the Daily Star, "Kelly and Billy are still together and everything is fine. They haven't split up.

"They're fine. Kelly is well but you'd have to ask her where she is and what she's up to," her father, Ken, added.

So, who spread the news that they are in trouble ? Step up to the front and Kelly's parents will spank you for being naughty !

Source: Digital Spy

Thursday, May 18

'She is even more than that, hot'

Sexy Kelly Brook really has a high self confidence as she said that her film 'Three' is a hit. What's more she said Anna Nicole Smith is upset for not being asked to play Marilyn Monroe.

She said "People come up all the time giving it great compliments, Anna Nicole Smith is upset she has not been asked to play Marilyn Monroe in a new film, I'm an actress with great looks."
You are right, honey!

Source: Metro.Co.Uk

Wednesday, May 3

'Does she challenge movie critics?'

Hmmm, sounds like sexy Kelly Brooks has a high self confidence that she challanges movie critics.

As her new movie on the erotic thriller premiered at London, Kelly seems to be cool and fine towards criticsm of movie observer. Up to now, critics are kind to the movie but Kelly challanges;

"Every time I get bad reviews, I keep getting jobs!"

Source: BBC

Wednesday, April 5

What will 'Brokeback Mountain' director Ang Lee do if he is offered to make another version of Brokeback Mountain for Lesbians?, he might think twice.

But let's see, as actress Kelly Brook said that is ready to play lesbians in 'Brokeback Mountain' as long as Ang Lee is okay. She says ""Get Ang Lee to do Brokeback Mountain with two lesbians and I'll be there."

Take a look at her hot pics

Source: Contactmusic.com

Thursday, February 16

Kelly Brook tried to stop herself falling in love with fiance Billy Zane.
The 26-year-old British beauty - who met the 'Titanic' star while they were filming the movie 'Three' in the Bahamas - says she didn't want to get romantically involved with the hunky actor but couldn't stop herself.
She revealed: "I tried to make myself blind to it.
"It was beautiful there. The perfect place to fall in love."
Kelly, who was dating actor Jason Statham when she met Billy, claims she tried to do everything in her power to fight the sexual chemistry.
She added to Britain's Weekend magazine: "I was saying to myself, 'No - anyone but the leading man. Let it be the electrician, the bagman, anyone.'
"But it was fate. I couldn't help it."
Meanwhile, Kelly says she is tired of being sexy.
The stunning model-turned-actress insists she is sick of being judged on her looks and wants people to take her seriously.
She fumed: "I was told glamour modelling was all I could do.
"If I turn up at a bash and photographers are screaming at me to take my jacket off, I won't. I don't want to play that game anymore."

Source: Female First



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