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Thursday, August 14

This time it's official!!

Kelly Brook has ended her relationship with Billy Zane. The sexy model told her friend that she has no more love for Billy after a series of short-lived break-ups.

A source told the Daily Mirror, "They're still the best of friends but any romantic spark has well and truly gone. It's really sad but there's no one else involved."

Kelly's publicist confirmed the split but kept their mouth shut.

Say goodbye to the hot-body, poor Billy.

Source: Daily Mail

Friday, July 11

  • Yeah, Kelly's just curvy, sexy and confident.
  • A survey conducted by Debenhams crowned Kelly as the 'Best Bikini Body Ever. Kelly beat 41-year-old actress Halle Berry into second place, in a poll of 2000 men.

    Kelly who always looks great on the beach made her deserve to be the first of the top ten and earned the title of the 'Best Bikini Body Ever.'

    Swiss actress Ursula Andress, now 72, took the third place for the 1962 film Dr. No.

    Supermodel Elle Macpherson, 44, bagged the fourth place, while 67-year-old actress Raquel Welch came fifth.

    Screen legend Marilyn Monroe won the sixth place, while English model Liz Hurley landed the seventh spot.

    Cameron Diaz, Bo Derek and Jennifer Aniston rounded off the top ten.

    Good job, women!


    Source: timesofindia

    Friday, July 11

  • Be a quick learner, Kelly!
  • Kelly Brook has revealed she’d love to follow in Dita Von Teese’s footsteps and learn how to strip with grace and glamour.

    She explained recently: “Taking your clothes off in a very glamorous way is an art. I’d love to learn.

    “Maybe that’s why burlesque is so fashionable now, and beautiful to watch. It’s fascinating.”

    She didn’t explain whether she would perform the art form for the viewing public or just for the pleasure of her on-off boyfriend Billy Zane.

    Let Kelly be the one to know...

    Source: fametastic

    Thursday, July 10

  • Should it be 8? or 9?
  • Some celebrities have been a real proof of the seven-year itch in a relationship. It could be a sign of boredom or it could be just very human.

    Pop queen Madonna, 49, and her film director husband, Guy Ritchie, 39, seem the latest celebrity victims of the dreaded seven-year itch - they were both said to be consulting divorce lawyers this week.

    Rumours of a split began circulating at the Cannes Film Festival last month when they were pictured looking miserable together.

    A recent scientific study in the States discovered that hundreds of couples - not just celebrities - found cracks starting to show and relations straining after seven years.

    So, as we watch another famous match head for meltdown, we take a look at other stars who didn't quite make it to their eighth anniversary.

    Jason and Kelly, they were a picture of happiness but it was a shot of Kelly Brook, 28, on a beach with another man that ended her seven-year romance with Lock Stock actor Jason Statham, 35, in 2004. The love rival was Titanic star Billy Zane. He and Kelly are now back together after a short split.

    There are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Paul Merton and Caroline Quentin, also Reese Witherspoon's and Ryan Philipe. These couples separated after seven years of marriage.

    So, why is it seven?



    Source: Sunday Mirror

    Friday, June 27

  • At least, it's not with one woman.
  • Kelly is currently on the other side of the country, filming reality television show Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life in Virginia.

    So? Billy may have enough free time to enjoy without Kelly by his side. Yup, having reconciled with on-off fiancé Kelly Brook doesn't stop Billy from flirting with other women on a night out in Los Angeles.

    A fellow club-goer at The Bar on Sunset Boulevard on Monday told the Daily Mail: “Billy was hitting on every woman in sight. He bought round after round and was making it plain that he was up for meeting someone.

    “He was a single guy on a mission. Each time a pretty girl walked in, he couldn’t take his eyes off them and would offer drinks to anyone he struck up a conversation with.

    “Billy was pretty much the only celebrity there, so he had the attention of most of the pretty girls. He was really in his element.

    “He was showering the girls with compliments, saying things like ‘You’re so hot, let me buy you a drink’. He was cuddling up to a blond girl in the corner of the bar at one point.”

    What would you do when you find out about this, Kelly?


    Source: fametastic

    Tuesday, June 24

  • Kelly is still sexy, though.
  • A celebrity is absolutely an artist. There's always a way to make their own fame. Creativity speaks.

    If you used to see Kelly with her celebrated boobs, now you find it different; Kelly is wearing a sexy skirt!

    Don't worry, it's only on a movie set. The actress, model and TV presenter was on the set of Dirty Dancing - The Time Of Your Life, in Virginia.

    Kelly is a judge on the show, which gives unknowns the chance to follow in the footsteps of JOHNNY and BABY and win a big money contract with an LA agency.

    Kelly appears to be copying a CHEEKY GIRLS pose in the photo, showing off her hips and backside - though with a little bit more class about her.

    Kelly's grey skirt and blouse combo show off her toned figure, and seem to hint that she's looking for a more grown up look.

    After all, I hope that Kelly doesn't wear that sexy skirt out the movie set.

    Check these exclusive photo shoots...!


    Source: the Sun

    Friday, June 20

  • What a sexy character!
  • Rita Hayworth was known as the 'Love Goddess' for her explosive on-screen sexual charisma during the 1940s, which made men go weak at the knees.

    Now Kelly Brook is set to do the same after dressing up as the Hollywood siren in a sexy new photo-shoot emulating the movie star.

    Kelly has recreated images from classic film Gilda, which was credited with turning the movie great into an international sex symbol and pin-up.

    The model, dressed in satin, recreates the legendary one-glove striptease from the film, which titillated a whole generation of men when released in 1946.

    Hayworth's portrayal of Gilda, who famously sings the sultry 'Put the Blame on Mame' in the film, was said to have been the ultimate 'femme fatale' role. more...

    Source: dailymail

    Thursday, May 15

  • Yes, love is never complicated. But it's also never as simple as said.
  • The days before, Brooke was reportedly to come back to England for a man hunt.

    Well, perhaps this British actress was just unable to find the right person to replace Billy in her heart and mind.

    It's not yet a month since they announced the split, now Kelly Brook and Billy Zane have decided to reunite.

    They were originally set to marry in 2007 but the couple had to rearrange the nuptials following the death of Kelly's father.

    So, is it truly love that reunites the pair?
    If it is so, be ready for a marriage vows this 2008.

    Source: iCelebz

    Tuesday, May 13

  • Does anyone know what Kelly's smile means?

  • Since the death of her father Ken Parsons, at the age of 57 in November 2007, Kelly is reportedly as changed noticeably. Consequently, it's normal for everyone to be sad when parents pass away.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Kelly should be mournful for the second time as her four-year relationship with Billy Zane had to end up.

    However, media are still trying to find out how the actress can smile up between the double mournings she is dealing with.

    Is she really a tough woman, or,
    is she truly an enormous actress to play a happy role before public?

    Let's agree with the later preference, as Kelly has been dreaming on to be one of the greats in Hollywood.

    Monday, May 12

  • That's the art of being an actress or actor

  • Well, break-ups always seem to be hurt. But media see Kelly Brook and Billy Zane as to more enjoy their lives after the separation.

    Nobody knows what exactly made them separated, nor nobody knows why they are so cheerful after the breakup.

    They have been together for four years and seem to be the perfect couple before the split.

    Perhaps Kelly is hurt,
    Maybe Zane is broken-hearted,
    Perhaps they just don't want to announce the reason why they split,
    May be the smiling is the best way to rip-off the showbiz world.

    No wonder, they are performing artists. And now they are just playing their roles.

    Will these pics be only a memory...?

    Saturday, May 10

  • That's what friends are for

  • If there is a word to describe the beautiful Kelly, it would be 'unforgettable'. Yeah, it took a long time for Jason Statham, Kelly's ex, to forget the actress.

    The relationship was seven years until Kelly left Jason for Billy Zane. And Jason just didn't date anyone for years.

    Sources said that after her split from Billy, Kelly has been in touch with Jason and they are very good friends.

    Should it be Jason the one to cure the broken-hearted Kelly?
    Are they really good friends? Or,
    This is another chance for Kelly and Jason to recollect the seven-year missing pieces?

    Let's just see...

    who suits who?

    Thursday, May 8

  • When break-up is always hard, Kelly makes it just easy

  • The English-born actress, Kelly Brook, is coming back home. Brook was snapped moving out of ex-fiancé Billy Zane’s LA home. The super model announced her split from the Titanic actor in the end of April.

    If breaking up is usually hard, it seems different to Brook. She was simply smiling while out from Zane's home.

    Sandra, the actress' mother, was also there helping the daughter with her belongings into a van. It is reported that they will spend some more days in LA before heading for their home town, Rochester, Kent.

    Brook began her career as model after winning a beauty contest. Her career rushed in speed when she appeared in various British men's magazines. Brook's being presenter and also playing roles in various movies seem to be a dream comes true. The last performance was a stage play "Eye Contact" where Brook played a role as Anya the Lap Dancer.

    Tuesday, May 6

    Kelly Brook is reportedly keen to relaunch her acting career in Hollywood.

    A source close to the newly single former TV presenter told the Sun: “Kelly
    hasn’t stopped since she broke up with Billy. She’s scarily ambitious and won’t
    be satisfied until she is as big as Catherine Zeta Jones.”

    See complete story...

    Wednesday, December 6

    Kelly Brook and lucky Billy leaving Cipriani restaurant and Brook gives us a little 'pleasure'.

    image hosted by SuperPhotoSpace.comimage hosted by SuperPhotoSpace.com

    image hosted by SuperPhotoSpace.comimage hosted by SuperPhotoSpace.comimage hosted by SuperPhotoSpace.comimage hosted by SuperPhotoSpace.com

    Monday, October 16

    That's bad idea to take photos on the boat. She should be on bed and it would be.. Perfect !!

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