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Last updated: Monday, September 1, 2008

Kelly Brook admits that is is hard to forget her ex-boyfriend, Billy Zane after four-year relationship. The model told to Glamour magazine that she's still in love with the actor, said, "I see myself as single - yet I'm very much in love with Billy."

She revealed that she had lost her own self-control after the death of her father, Kenneth Parsons.

"Billy and I both fly around the world and are introduced to beautiful people every day on location. We did that really well for four years when we were committed to each other, but I didn't have the energy to keep that going. When my Dad died I was at rock bottom. It broke my heart to see my relationship with Billy go, but I can't emotionally support another person and myself. I want to
be available for my family."

Kelly is still afraid of rebuild her relationship with the American actor although the couple spotted enjoyed romantic holidays in the south of France and Ibiza.

"I'm not in a committed relationship. He's free to do as he pleases," she added.

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