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Last updated: Friday, July 11, 2008

  • Yeah, Kelly's just curvy, sexy and confident.
  • A survey conducted by Debenhams crowned Kelly as the 'Best Bikini Body Ever. Kelly beat 41-year-old actress Halle Berry into second place, in a poll of 2000 men.

    Kelly who always looks great on the beach made her deserve to be the first of the top ten and earned the title of the 'Best Bikini Body Ever.'

    Swiss actress Ursula Andress, now 72, took the third place for the 1962 film Dr. No.

    Supermodel Elle Macpherson, 44, bagged the fourth place, while 67-year-old actress Raquel Welch came fifth.

    Screen legend Marilyn Monroe won the sixth place, while English model Liz Hurley landed the seventh spot.

    Cameron Diaz, Bo Derek and Jennifer Aniston rounded off the top ten.

    Good job, women!


    Source: timesofindia

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